“I got talked into going over to a LARGE OTB company and was charged a lot of money per month to have their service. I did learn a few things but what I learned the most was that I already knew a lot of what they were telling me. I want to go back to your program.”

Gwen Earley, Company 107

“I have been using your OTB system for about six months and have found that it is helping me control my inventory and purchase of merchandise to a greater extent than any previous method we have used. This OTB system enables good control without spending a great deal of time tracking information.”

Peter Vander Zanden, J. VANDER ZANDEN

“I have been using your OTB program for about eight years. It is a very effective way to gain a better view of your inventory and how it is performing. I heartily endorse your system as a simple, cost effective open-to-buy system that works!”

Joe Hilton, Jr., HILTON’S

“I was at first concerned that the program would not be able to handle an open-to-buy for our 23 stores and mail order business. Mort’s OTB program proves that the elementary foundations of a solid open-to-buy program can be extended to support a larger multi-store operation like ourselves. Thanks also for the support whenever I had a question.”

Jeff Farmer, DRAPER’S & DAMON’S

“You can’t argue with the numbers, and I have seen a decrease in inventory and an increase in my profit margins. I would certainly recommend this OTB system to anyone. Thanks for developing such a great program.”


“I feel we have been more selective and more successful at gift shows this year because of the information from Mort’s OTB system.”

Dick Venturini, DICK’S HALLMARK

“Mort’s OTB system has been helpful in controlling inventory levels while still allowing for sales growth. In fact, it works so well that we now have five more of our stores on the system and plan to put our remaining stores on this year.”

Ruth Ainsworth, COURTNEY ENT.

“Since we have had the OTB program, I have been able to reduce my inventory 20% during the golfing season and 40% during the off season. In addition to those dramatic reductions, sales have increased and profit margins are better.”


“Since becoming one of your first customers, we have enjoyed continued success in our golf shop. The OTB system has been an invaluable partner in our success.”


“We experienced our highest turnover ratios ever after instituting Mort’s OTB program. Now there’s cash in the bank and a much more reasonable inventory on the floor.”

Linda Odette, MIRAGE LTD.

“I think what I like most is how easy the program is to use.. and how much better I feel going to market with a plan, and not feeling blind.”

Diana Schmidt, K-LANE’S

“This is my first year using Myotbplan.com. The program has created a simple buying procedure for our golf shop. The biggest benefit that I have noticed is the inventory control. With that said, turns and margins have already increased. All of this has been simple by just entering data into the program; I am now confident about my concession!”

John Rogers, Head Golf Professional,

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