Every year I wonder why the interest in open to buy dries up in December. Then I wake up and realize that retailers are only interested in SELLING and have no interest in buying. Fortunately for me (and them), interest once again awakens as Christmas selling winds down and thoughts of Spring and Summer merchandise commitments at the January shows come into focus.

If you are one of the many retailers who has put your open to buy on the back burner, now is the time to take action. If you have an open to buy, this is a great time to ask if it has actually done the job. Many systems and services provide plans that sound good, but lead retailers down the wrong path and into unbalanced and bloated inventory positions. I know you love your service rep and your monthly meetings, but is your “friendship” more important than accuracy. And I can guarantee that “friendship” means a significantly higher monthly fee. After all, you are creating your rep’s livelihood.

If you find yourself questioning the accuracy of your current plan, consider MYOTBPLAN.COM. We not only guarantee our accuracy, but there’s no contract, we’re quite affordable, we support you 10 hours every day, and your plan is available to you anytime on any device. We welcome your calls and your questions.

If you are flying by the “seat of your pants”, this is the perfect time to set up an open to buy plan to insure that 2016 is your most profitable year ever. Guessing about your needs is rampant and always leads to overbuying and markdowns. Having a solid buying plan in each merchandise department for each month, 12 months into the future based on anticipated sales and desired turn rates will insure that you are receiving the right amount of merchandise to support your sales and give you the turns you desire.

Turnover is the key to retail success. The more you turn, the more you make. With MYOTBPLAN.COM you will be on a path to constantly increase your turns and make more money. And that my friends, is why you’re in business. I hope to hear from you soon.


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