We know how good our open to buy program is, but do you? Now here’s your chance to get your hands on the best open to buy available and use it for a month without charge to see how your current inventory and your future orders are out of balance and what needs to be done to bring things in line.

The requirements for the test are simple, but you must fully commit or it will not help either of us. Here’s what you must be willing to do to be a part of this limited opportunity. Within the first week of being approved, you must set up your data. This requires entering your departments, putting in a sales plan for the next 12 months in each department (this can be done using history or percentages if past history is not available or you are a new store), entering a beginning of the month inventory (one figure per department in retail dollars), and going through our turn rate matrix to establish turn rates. You will then be able to see how your current inventory compares with your ideal projected inventory.

You will then run the OTB Calculations and be set with your buying plan for the next 12 months. Finally, you will enter your outstanding orders (either by order or by totals) and the program will indicate where you are overbought or still have dollars to commit. This entire process should take less than three hours depending on how many departments you choose to use. The program comes to you with an available 30 departments. The only time consuming part of the setup is entering your sales for 12 months in each department. After that it’s only a matter of minutes.

We will want you to go through one month end closeout so you can experience the Analysis & Revision screen which will show you how your store performed against your projections in Sales, Beginning Inventory and Turnover. We want you to see how well this analysis pinpoints where trends are developing and how easy it is to make Revisions to keep your plan and your buying right on target.

The program has complete instructions.  On screen Help with specific information for the screen you’re working on is only a click away. In addition, you are encouraged to call for support 10 hours every day, so you will never have a question go unanswered.

What we want from you is your feedback on whether or not the program is easy to understand and use, and what you learned about your store from setting up the program. We will provide you with a questionnaire at the end of the test for you to fill out and return to us.

If you feel at the end of the test that you would like to continue using the program, we are prepared to offer you a nice discount on the subscription fee as our way of saying thanks for your participation in the test.

Please call Mort at 310-829-5148 with any questions or to sign up and get underway with the program.

Subscription Information

By filling out the form below, you are merely indicating your interest in becoming a subscriber to myotbplan.com. The cost per store is $150 / month and includes 30 departments. Additional departments are available at 10 departments for $25/month.

We will call you (if you are in the US) or email you with additional information and ask for your credit card information as the subscription cost is charged to your credit card automatically every 30 days.

There is no contract and every subscriber is covered by our Performance Guarantee. The system is supported from 9AM to 7PM PST 365 days a year and you are encouraged to call as often as you have questions.

You will be required to read our general instructions before you begin filling in your data and there is detailed information about each screen on the screen you're working by simply clicking the Help icon at the top.

The program is easy to use, accurate, affordable, accessible, supported and guaranteed. It's simply the best open to buy plan available. We will contact you as soon as we received your information. Please be complete.

Subscription Form

Subscription Form

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