Well, pardners, the new year is off and running and you need to be on your horse trying to reign in all the profits possible. Sitting around the barn is not an option. You need to be out riding down every chance to raise your profits.

Before you jump on that horse, you need a plan – and open to buy plan. Without it, you’re just going to get lost in the woods. An open to buy plan will show you exactly where you need to head when you’re out in the market place so you return with the right amount of merchandise to insure sizeable profits.

Okay, enough with the western metaphors, but you get the idea. You may be sitting right now with excess inventory purchased in hopes of more sales in December than actually happened. You either didn’t stick with your plan or didn’t have one. More than likely you didn’t have one because retailers generally don’t like numbers and they don’t like computers, but they do like merchandise. So they overbuy! While it’s great to be surrounded by all that wonderful merchandise, if it’s not turning over, it’s not contributing to overhead or providing you with a profit.

While the new year is still young, you can start using the best open to buy system available – myotbplan.com. In a few hours (or less) you will know where your current inventory and your future orders are out of balance and you will have a solid buying plan for the next 12 months based on your anticipated sales and your desired turn rates. myotbplan.com is easy to use, priced right, accessible from any device, accurate, supported 10/7, has no contract and is guaranteed to improve your buying, inventory position, turnover and cash flow. You can’t lose!

Saddle up!

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By filling out the form below, you are merely indicating your interest in becoming a subscriber to myotbplan.com. The cost per store is $150 / month and includes 30 departments. Additional departments are available at 10 departments for $25/month.

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There is no contract and every subscriber is covered by our Performance Guarantee. The system is supported from 9AM to 7PM PST 365 days a year and you are encouraged to call as often as you have questions.

You will be required to read our general instructions before you begin filling in your data and there is detailed information about each screen on the screen you're working by simply clicking the Help icon at the top.

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