That sounds like an unbelievable value, probably too good to be true. OK, what’s the catch? Is that amount for the first hour? Is there an addition charge after that? What about emergency (or even non-emergency) phone calls? Is there a time limit to the calls? Is there a limit to the number of calls? Does this person know anything?

Those are all great question, but my question to you is: “If that was the full rate and there were no restrictions and the consultant had years of experience and had gone through everything you were facing and would treat you as an equal and not a not some dummy, would you be ready to sign up?”

Think about it – how much is just one piece of good advice worth? It could be worth thousands of dollars and save you dozens of man-hours. You could call anytime you faced a situation that confounded or confused you. You could call to discuss any area of retail and would get straight answers and someone who would work with you until you get it.

Well, that’s exactly what you get when you subscribe to MYOTBPLAN.COM. You not only get the best open to buy plan available (which will solve most of your problems by its use), but you also get Mort Haaz on the phone whenever you need him – 10 hours a day, seven days a week.   Mort has been involved in retail since 1967, owned and operated small and large single stores and multiple store operations, and has amassed a huge knowledge base of information about every aspect of retailing that he is more than happy to share – whenever you need him.

So, the “deal” is that you subscribe to MYOTBPLAN.COM, which you need anyway, since no retailers can plan and control their buying properly without open to buy, and you get Mort on the phone to help you with any aspect of MYOTBPLAN.COM and advise you on any other retail issue that may be bothering you.

One of the most important contributions Mort will make is to put things into perspective. Retail, by its very nature is a bit like being in a hurricane with everything swirling around and difficult to handle. Mort, with the help of MYOTBPLAN.COM, will enable you to quiet the storm and deal positively with everything in your retail world. You’ll never experience the true joy of a successful, well run retail store until you hire Mort and MYOTBPLAN.COM to help you make sense of it all.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a great deal for $150 per month, something’s terribly wrong!


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