If you give me a call and we can talk for five minutes, I can show you how you can reduce your markdowns dramatically. As you know, markdowns kill your profits. You have to sell at least 80% of your inventory at FULL price just to break even.

So when you start taking markdowns to raise cash to pay bills or to lower your bloated inventory, you are basically giving away your profits to your customers. Not only that, but you are also eliminating the contribution to overhead that is needed to keep the doors open. So when you need more money to pay the overhead, what do you do? Of course, you take more markdowns.

I’m sure you see that this creates a negative cash spiral that is tough to pull out of. But there is a way and in five short minutes, I can ask you a few questions to see where your business stands right now and explain how we can help you with your problem. Most retailers are in the same boat as you are, but few of them will over-ride their egos and ask for help.

What I’m offering is inexpensive, easy to use, well supported, carries no contract, and is guaranteed to reduce your markdowns. You have nothing to lose but five minutes, so grab a cup of coffee and give me a call at 310-829-5148. You’ll be in a better position to help your business when we’re done talking. Call now. Mort

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