Lately, I’ve encouraged my subscribers to call me and let me give them input on how to better utilize MYOTBPLAN.COM. Many have done just that and along with talk about the program, we have spent time discussing their particular store and its challenges. At the end of each of these conversations, I have a great sense of satisfaction because I know they are in a better place with not only their use of MYOTBPLAN.COM, but also in how they are dealing with the myriad issues they face in their stores.

This has been so much fun for me, I’m inviting any or all of you who are seeing this blog post to get in touch with me with your thoughts and questions about anything retail. While it’s true that most retailers have problems because they buy improperly resulting in cash flow issues, and all of those problems can be solved with open to buy planning, this invitation is not to lure you into becoming a subscriber, no matter how much it would help you.

I’m inviting you to call or write so that I can deal with as many retail issues as possible to keep me sharp so I can continue to offer my subscribers the best possible support for MYOTBPLAN.COM and for their store issues in general. Everything is interrelated and these discussions will help me and they will also help YOU! Just as I don’t charge my subscribers for support, I would not be charging you for my input – not that it has no value, far from it. I have always felt that doing good comes back to me and so I’m happy to help you solve as many of your store issues as I can.

Our conversations will be private. There will not be any follow up on my part unless you would like to have the dialogue continue in the future. You are welcome to call as often as you would like my input. I will not be telling you what to do, but will be acting as the “devil’s advocate” and offering you the downside of an idea (if you’re proposing something) so that you will see the obstacles to your plan and whether your plan will overcome those obstacles or whether you need to go in a different direction.

After 30 years of talking about open to buy (definitely my favorite subject) I would even welcome callers who wanted to talk about why they don’t need it. Any sharing of ideas is good. My years of experience have shown that for every retailer, buying properly is the key to success. And yet, many retailers still think that buying great items is all they need to do. They discount the notion that buying the right quantities is crucial. You know what? We need to talk.

Call any day, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific time and let’s have some fun.

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By filling out the form below, you are merely indicating your interest in becoming a subscriber to The cost per store is $150 / month and includes 30 departments. Additional departments are available at 10 departments for $25/month.

We will call you (if you are in the US) or email you with additional information and ask for your credit card information as the subscription cost is charged to your credit card automatically every 30 days.

There is no contract and every subscriber is covered by our Performance Guarantee. The system is supported from 9AM to 7PM PST 365 days a year and you are encouraged to call as often as you have questions.

You will be required to read our general instructions before you begin filling in your data and there is detailed information about each screen on the screen you're working by simply clicking the Help icon at the top.

The program is easy to use, accurate, affordable, accessible, supported and guaranteed. It's simply the best open to buy plan available. We will contact you as soon as we received your information. Please be complete.

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