No one likes to take their medicine even if it’s going to make them well.  It’s icky!  Retailers are the same way about open to buy planning even though it’s the only thing that will heal their cash flow problems.

While buying seems easy and buying the right items generally is, the problem is always the quantities.  Only open to buy planning will enable a retailer to buy the right items in the correct quantities in the right categories for delivery at the right times.  Following an accurate open to buy plan is a guarantee of success.  Not using an open to buy plan is a prescription for disaster.

Once retailers put their ego aside and realize that trying to figure it out in their heads is impossible, they’re headed in the right direction.  Add open to buy planning to your ample creative powers and your store will be merchandised beautifully AND profitably.

So, take your medicine (open to buy) and let it cure your overbuying and grow your profits.

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Subscription Form

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