You got into retailing because of your creativity. That makes you “right brained”. Certainly you’re in the right profession to use your talents in terms of establishing an attractive environment in your store, choosing great items to fill it, doing enticing displays and, of course, making your customers want to come back often.

Wouldn’t it be grand if that’s all there was to it? If that were the case, retailers would not fail as often as they do. And they fail because of not dealing with the other side of their brain, the analytical side.

In order to succeed, you not only need all of the creative tools you possess, but you also need to deal with the business math. The most important component of which for a retailer is open to buy planning. It is this process that will help you develop a buying plan so that you always know HOW MUCH to buy. Obviously, you know what to buy, but problems will arise if you buy too much or too little.

Open to buy will guide you to ordering the right amount of merchandise in the right categories for delivery at the right time. Couple that information with your ability to choose the best available items and you have a formula for success.

So, merchandise with both sides of your brain. You’ve already got the right side handled, why not let us help you with the left?

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