This is the opening to an email from a new subscriber in Australia. He’s in the menswear business and has been asking great questions as he set up I love these types of customers who ask a lot of questions since the program has all the answers.

Since we are communicating by email it gives me a chance to be making sure that the right answers are in the program and they are every time. As the one who created, I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying that is. You do your best to make something work as intended, but usually there are problems and other things that are needed.

But not with It works. It’s easy. There are information screens every step of the way. Anyone can figure it out, but I’m just as happy when the questions come my way and I can direct my subscribers down the right path. We made the program sequential and actually lock the user out of step 3 until they complete step 2 to insure that each area is finished. We did that since is a process of building information about your store so the program can use that information to develop your buying plan.

Almost every subscriber finds that they are over stocked and over bought. For some it’s depressing, but for most it’s a wake up call. Now they can see clearly why their cash flow has been choked off and what they need to do to fix it. Once you are armed with that information, you’re on your way to turning around your store. With that information you can clean up your inventory, put that money in the bank rather than back on the shelves and correct your future orders so you don’t repeat your mistakes.

One thing I’ve worked hard to point out is that what you think is merchandise is really your invested capital. You are not in the merchandise business, you are in the dollar generating business and merchandise is just the means to that end. You need to squeeze more overhead and profit dollars out of your invested capital and that turnover can only be achieved with open to buy planning and the best system to do the job is

We have no contract. We support the system 10 hours every day. It’s more accurate and better priced than any other option. And we guarantee your success with the system or we’ll give your money back. No one else would even remotely consider an offer like that.

We’ve got it. You need it. Subscribe today and before you know it, you’ll be saying; “Mate, this is awesome!”.

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By filling out the form below, you are merely indicating your interest in becoming a subscriber to The cost per store is $150 / month and includes 30 departments. Additional departments are available at 10 departments for $25/month.

We will call you (if you are in the US) or email you with additional information and ask for your credit card information as the subscription cost is charged to your credit card automatically every 30 days.

There is no contract and every subscriber is covered by our Performance Guarantee. The system is supported from 9AM to 7PM PST 365 days a year and you are encouraged to call as often as you have questions.

You will be required to read our general instructions before you begin filling in your data and there is detailed information about each screen on the screen you're working by simply clicking the Help icon at the top.

The program is easy to use, accurate, affordable, accessible, supported and guaranteed. It's simply the best open to buy plan available. We will contact you as soon as we received your information. Please be complete.

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Subscription Form

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