Your vendors want to do right by you, but they also what to keep their house in order and their warehouse clean. That means that when they have odd pieces from a cut they will ship it to anyone with that style/size still open on their order. This will bring you odds and ends that you don’t want and that will just cause confusion for your staff and your customer.

Mark your orders “Ship Complete” and your vendors will realize that if they don’t send you a complete run, they will not be able to ship to you (on that item) at all. You want the item, but you want it complete. More than likely you will be first in line when the item hits the warehouse because they want to ship as much as possible.

Having a complete run will insure more sales and as time goes on and you are left with odd pieces, you can find ways to move them, but that’s much better than starting with odd pieces. Your staff will appreciate seeing complete runs so they know they have all sizes for your customers. Sure you want them to lead the customer’s choices, but they will be more excited if they are not constantly dealing with odds and ends.

Your open to buy system will tell you the right quantities to buy. When you write the orders to fill your buying plan mark them “Ship Complete”. This will get you started on the right foot and insure more sales. Back orders not only mess up your buying plans, but create unwanted markdowns.

The secret to success is knowing how much to buy and then controlling your ordering to insure proper deliveries to support your sales, improve turnover, reduce markdowns and insure a positive cash flow. is the planning tool you need to succeed.

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