How cool would it be to have a consultant working for you in your store or office who was ready to answer any question you had or kick things around when you needed perspective on a problem?

Well, that’s one of the perks of subscribing to  And our advice and counsel is free.  When you have a question, we’re here.  When you have a problem, we’re here.  After being in retail since 1967, we’ve faced everything you’re dealing with and have answers to help you solve your problems.

Of course, since most retailers’ biggest problem is cash flow, you’ll be using the most accurate and accessible open to buy system available, so that will solve most all of your problems, but we encourage you to call for help no matter how large or small, intelligent or otherwise your question may be.  If you need an answer, we’ve got it and are waiting for you to call.  We are available to you 10 hours every day of the year.

Why don’t you give us a call right now at 310-829-5148 so you can see how responsive to your needs we are.  We’re happy to talk with you and help you with your problems whether you’re one of our subscribers or not, but we will encourage you to subscribe to because there’s no contract and we guarantee that it will guide you to improve your buying, inventory position and cash flow.

Subscribing to will be the best merchandising decision you’ll every make… guaranteed!

Subscription Information

By filling out the form below, you are merely indicating your interest in becoming a subscriber to The cost per store is $150 / month and includes 30 departments. Additional departments are available at 10 departments for $25/month.

We will call you (if you are in the US) or email you with additional information and ask for your credit card information as the subscription cost is charged to your credit card automatically every 30 days.

There is no contract and every subscriber is covered by our Performance Guarantee. The system is supported from 9AM to 7PM PST 365 days a year and you are encouraged to call as often as you have questions.

You will be required to read our general instructions before you begin filling in your data and there is detailed information about each screen on the screen you're working by simply clicking the Help icon at the top.

The program is easy to use, accurate, affordable, accessible, supported and guaranteed. It's simply the best open to buy plan available. We will contact you as soon as we received your information. Please be complete.

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Subscription Form

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