I know you’ve heard that from every source and you’re probably tired of all the electioneering that you’ve been bombarded with. But now it’s over and you get the chance to voice your opinion and your choices as to who you want to lead and do your bidding.

Wow, that does sound a bit idealistic, but none the less, it’s true. Any time you skip voting, it’s pretty much a vote for everything you’re against. So, take some time and determine your choices for the offices and propositions and on the 4th make your voice heard. I will and I hope you will as well.

And while you’re taking action to help your city and state, why not take action to help your bottom line by subscribing to MYOTBPLAN.COM. Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again because you cannot do your buying properly without open to buy planning. Sure you can pick great items, but it’s always the quantities that tell the tale. Not just the quantities of each item, but the quantities of items. When you’re at a merchandise mart or trade show or even in your office seeing a rep, everything looks good. But too much good stuff is bad stuff and will result in excess invoices, markdowns and cash flow problems.

In my 30 years dealing with retailers, the statement I’ve heard most is: “Oh, I don’t need that (open to buy), I know what to buy!” But you don’t. Retailing is both art and science. You need both to succeed. Using MYOTBPLAN.COM is the science that will support your art (creativity). Open to buy will not inhibit your creative juices, but will keep you pointed in the right direction.

Let me give you an analogy in an area that I’m personally familiar with. Let’s say you were a race car driver – and a good one. Would you go to a race, jump in a car and go to the starting line with only your faith in your ability to get you to the finish? Absolutely not. Before the race, you’d want to know everything about the car you would be driving, the track you’d be driving on, the competition in the race, the schedule for the event and many other things.

To show up and just race is what most retailers do with their stores because they let their ego get in the way of reason. The smart retailers, like the smart drivers, prepare before the event (the buying) and can be confident that their performance will be as good as possible. Working without an open to buy plan is a lot like driving with a blindfold on, you might get to where you’re going, but your chances for disaster are enormous. MYOTBPLAN.COM tales the blindfold off of retailers so they can get to their finish line (bottom line) a winner.

So, go to the polls and pick the winners to lead your government and call me and pick a winner to guide your store to success – MYOTBPLAN.COM.


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