Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Your Open To Buy will help you beat the 80/20 Rule!

It seems that in life, most things are 80/20. 80 percent work and 20 percent reward. And that’s OK since we generally enjoy the work that brings us to the reward. One place where 80/20 does not work is retail. Too many retailers do 80 percent of their business with 20 percent of their inventory. … Read more

What RETAIL REPORTS do you really need to succeed?

NONE! You’re probably ready to stop reading, but hang on. Think about it for a moment. While reports are great, they are really autopsy information. You don’t want to know why your store died, you want to know how to make money and grow. Since your entire business revolves around your buying, it only makes … Read more

Open To Buy will help you eliminate the DEBT!

Retailing is very much a creative process. Take your location, make it enticing, coddle your customers, offer great items and you’re sure to succeed. What? It’s not that simple? Of course, it isn’t. It’s all about control. While it’s fun to go wild with your buying, it can have disastrous effects. Too much of a … Read more

Open To Buy Will Improve Your Trade Show Experience!

When you head to MAGIC or any other trade show – be prepared! There’s many things you can do in advance, but the most important are 1) prepare an open to buy plan, and 2) wear your most comfortable shoes!!!!! As with any trade show you will be dazzled. Not only with the amount and … Read more

Open To Buy will Tally Your Customers Votes!

A great open to buy system will not only develop a buying plan to keep your store on the path to success, it will show you monthly results so you can make course corrections as things change – and they will. This is another thing you can’t do in your head! You do your best … Read more

Success Is A Partnership – You and Open To Buy!

You have so much talent and yet so much to do, why not let us help with the one thing your creative brain won’t do. Let us tell you how much to spend to keep your inventory leaner, better balanced, and turning faster. Let us tell you how much to spend so you can eliminate … Read more

It’s A New Year! It’s Time to get Serious!

2019 is now a memory. For some a fond one. For many a painful one. Retailers have a lot on their plates going forward, but consider this – you’ve done the hard work of building your business. It will have ups and downs. You can make money whether your store(s) are headed up or down … Read more

Knowing How Much To Buy is the Greatest Gift of All!

Every time you go to a show, every time you go to a merchandise mart, every time you see a rep what a gift it would be to know exactly how much you could spend (if any). No more guessing, no more bloated inventory, no more excess invoices, no more markdowns (almost), no more cash … Read more

Will Your December Profits Be In The Bank or On Your Shelves?

Year after year, retailers build their inventory for the holidays. They don’t want to miss any sales and hope to bring in new customers. Both are worthy goals, but too much of a good thing can spell disaster. When the hysteria dies down will you be looking at a full store going into January? You … Read more


Join the smart retailers who are getting their “ducks in a row” right now to insure success in 2020. Even though you’re busy selling everything in sight, don’t pass up this chance to really learn about the inventory condition of your store – present and future. Only with open to buy planning will you actually … Read more

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