Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Are You Ready for More Business AND the Upcoming Trade Shows?

As Covid-19 is bowing out thanks to the vaccines, things will be returning to the “normal” of life without Covid. If you had been working with an OPEN TO BUY plan throughout this rough period, it would have enabled you to keep your buying and inventory under control and your cash flow positive. It would … Read more

Cost of Goods SOLD or Cost of Goods BOUGHT?

If you’re thinking you’re successful because of achieving a good figure on your Cost of Goods Sold from your P & L Statement, think again. Your accountant is just following accounting practices and is not a retailer. The figure you need to consider is Cost of Goods BOUGHT! This is the figure that counts because … Read more

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Call!

Without sounding obnoxious, no one knows more about OPEN TO BUY PLANNING than I do. I’ve spent half of my life helping retailers like you with their OTB. When they use it, they succeed! Period. You can too, but you have to call. So, grab a cup of coffee, give me a call and let’s … Read more

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