Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Happy to Take Markdowns? Think again!

You spend time and money trying to prevent shoplifting and employee theft. It’s a big problem. But it pales in comparison to what you lose from the MARKDOWNS you take on a regular basis. Not only do markdowns cost you your profit, but they also cost you the contribution to overhead that every item of … Read more

Only a Fool Guesses about what QUANTITIES to Buy!

Since OPEN TO BUY planning is so readily available from so many sources, it is hard to believe that any retailer is foolish enough to continue guessing about merchandise quantities. But they do! Sure, it’s easier, but much more expensive when you consider the results. Guessing leads to overbuying. Overbuying leads to bloated inventories and … Read more

Reward yourself with Open To Buy Planning!

When you add it up, you are way ahead using OPEN TO BUY planning rather than guessing. Yes, guessing is so much easier and more fun and less work, but it only works if you have more money than you can count and don’t mind seeing it go down the drain. That’s what happens when … Read more

Open To Buy is ready to Cure Your Bottom Line!

Every retailer suffers from the same sickness – overbuying! It’s a deadly illness, but there is a cure. The only problem is that those retailers who are afflicted are reluctant to start the cure. It would seem it’s more psychological than physical because – in reality – it’s all in their head. Ego is the … Read more

Open To Buy Takes the Stress out of Retailing!

Every day is a new challenge with new problems. Personnel problems, vendor problems, Covid problems, supplier problems, and the list goes on. The biggest problem all retailers face is HOW MUCH TO BUY? Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to that one – OPEN TO BUY planning. Once your know how much to buy in each … Read more

Open To Buy Solves The Problems That Plague Retailers.

Your store is your life. No matter how you try to treat it otherwise, retail CONSUMES you. As long as that’s the case, let’s make sure your store and yourself stay safe from the ongoing problems that can easily be prevented – OVERBUYING, EXCESS INVOICES, MARKDOWNS, and CASH FLOW PROBLEMS! Fortunately, there really is an … Read more

With Open To Buy, Selling is Also Easy with the Right Quantities.

Buying IS easy. And fun. And an ego trip since the reps are encouraging your to be a “big buyer”. But that works AGAINST you, not for you. Buying should be a process of filling your predetermined numbers with the best available merchandise. Those “predetermined” numbers will only come from your OPEN TO BUY plan. … Read more

Relax! Open To Buy will give you the Answers to Take Control!

Retail is nothing if not STRESSFUL! Day in and day out you are confronted with decisions in every area – personnel, advertising, banking, but most important – merchandising. Merchandising is the life blood of every retailer. Keeping inventory and buying under control is critical. The first thing every retailer needs to know is HOW MUCH … Read more

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