Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Tracking Orders Within Your Open To Buy Plan.

The results of the OTB Calculations is a buying plan in retail dollars for each delivery month for the next 12 months. Now it is up to you to fill the OTB Amounts with the best available merchandise. Because this is a LIMITED amount you must be as focused as possible on buying just the … Read more

Open To Buy will Immediately Show Your Inventory Imbalance!

With your projected sales and turn rates in each department for the next 12 month, you have been able to calculate your IDEAL BEGINNING INVENTORY for each month. Your Annual Turn Rate divided into 12 times your sales for each month yields the Ideal Beginning Inventory for each month. Once you have the ideal beginning … Read more

Raising Turnover with Open To Buy is the Path to Retail Success!

Turnover is the key to making money in retailing. It’s also the key (along with your sales projections) that your OPEN TO BUY will use to develop your buying plan. TURNOVER is the rate at which you deplete your inventory and is always considered in annual terms. If you divide your turnover into 12 (months) … Read more

Your Open To Buy Plan Begins by Defining Your Departments.

Everything in OPEN TO BUY is figured in RETAIL DOLLARS! You are building a retail dollar buying plan to support your retail dollar sales. And everything is figured by DEPARTMENTS. Each department must rise or fall based on it’s own productivity, so once you define your departments, they act as separate stores. Your departments should … Read more

You’ll Like our Open To Buy Even More than Rocky & Bullwinkle!

I know it’s hard to believe, but while Rocky and friends brought you smiles and some thought provoking laughter, our OPEN TO BUY will bring you MONEY! And money will always bring you smiles. You’ll smile when you trim down your inventory. You’ll smile when you don’t have excess invoices, MARKDOWNS or cash shortages. You’ll … Read more

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