Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Markdowns Kill Profits – Open To Buy Saves Them!

It’s really simple – as soon as you reduce your selling price, you cut off the contribution to overhead (needed to keep the doors open), and profits (needed to stay in business). How can you stop taking markdowns? That’s pretty simple as well – stop OVERBUYING! Of course, that’s easier said than done because of … Read more

What Really Drives Sales in Your Store?

If more inventory was the answer, retailers would just keep buying (and selling) and would be at a loss as to what to do with all of their money. But in reality, it doesn’t work like that. Your sales are determined by your promotions, your store environment, the items you carry, your sales staff, and … Read more

Successful Retailers Use Open To Buy Planning!

Retailers come in all shapes and sizes and intelligence levels. Some want to analyze something until they find a reason to ignore it (but, what’s to analyze when it’s guaranteed with no contract?). Some don’t understand something and consequently are frozen out of making a decision (but, the simple truth is that every retailer needs … Read more

Spend 5 Minutes with Me BEFORE You Go to Market!

Grab a cup of coffee and give me a call. I’ll ask you a couple of questions – your annual sales and your current inventory level – and we’ll talk about improving your turnover, cutting your invoices, reducing markdowns and increasing your cash flow. All that in just 5 minutes. I’ve been helping retailers better … Read more

Only Open To Buy Planning will help Reduce Markdowns!

Putting merchandise on sale to attempt to get rid of it and recover some of your investment is not a good practice if making money is in your plans. When you mark down items, you may recover the vendor cost, but you will probably also eliminate the contribution to overhead (necessary to keep your doors … Read more

Let OPEN TO BUY Guide You to Buying the Right Quantities.

You know your store and you know your customers. Your creativity got you into retailing in the first place. You certainly can figure out which items will excite your staff and dazzle your customers. The problem is always deciding HOW MUCH TO BUY. That’s where OPEN TO BUY planning comes to your rescue. Open to … Read more

Start 2021 with the Best Open To Buy and a FREE MONTH!

You need OPEN TO BUY PLANNING! That’s a given. Anything else is guessing. Guessing leads to Overbuying. Overbuying leads to Markdowns. Markdowns rob your profits and kill your cash flow. Open to buy is all good and now you can have the best with a FREE month so you can get set up, see the … Read more

The Truth Will Make You Rich – Open To Buy is the Truth!

Guessing is easier. Guessing is more fun. Guessing makes you feel powerful. But it doesn’t work! Sure you can pick great items, but how do you control the QUANTITIES? It’s the quantities that you buy in each of your departments that determines whether you are profitable. It’s the quantities that determine if you are achieving … Read more

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