Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Your OPEN TO BUY will guide you through this CRISIS!

Every day, the news is worse. There’s no escaping the fact that we’re going through something that is BAD, BAD, BAD and getting worse. Forget about buying on “instinct”. You need a tool to insure your bottom line whether sales are improving or declining. You need “open to buy” planning. You need a system that … Read more

Your OPEN TO BUY Just Became Even More Important!

I used to tell my customers to be a little conservative in their buying because “they can always get more!” Well, that’s no longer the case because of the Coronavirus disruptions. So, what do you do? Go hog wild? Definitely NOT! If the spread of the virus grows as anticipated before prevention is a reality, … Read more

Open To Buy will Minimize Problems from the Coronavirus!

The Coronavirus is no longer a foreign problem, it’s now a domestic one as well. But even if it was only in China, it’s causing disruptions in commerce all over the world. Your suppliers are slowing down, transportation is suspended and it just gets worse as the news comes out. We are fortunate in the … Read more

Open To Buy is your path to Successful Retailing!

Is it really that simple? Just have a buying plan that keeps your inventory as low as possible to support the highest sales? Whatever will happen to markdowns? Can retailers live with making money? Of course, I’m being a little facetious, but let’s face it, retailers kick and scream about low turnover, markdowns and cash … Read more

Your Open To Buy will help you beat the 80/20 Rule!

It seems that in life, most things are 80/20. 80 percent work and 20 percent reward. And that’s OK since we generally enjoy the work that brings us to the reward. One place where 80/20 does not work is retail. Too many retailers do 80 percent of their business with 20 percent of their inventory. … Read more

What RETAIL REPORTS do you really need to succeed?

NONE! You’re probably ready to stop reading, but hang on. Think about it for a moment. While reports are great, they are really autopsy information. You don’t want to know why your store died, you want to know how to make money and grow. Since your entire business revolves around your buying, it only makes … Read more

Open To Buy will help you eliminate the DEBT!

Retailing is very much a creative process. Take your location, make it enticing, coddle your customers, offer great items and you’re sure to succeed. What? It’s not that simple? Of course, it isn’t. It’s all about control. While it’s fun to go wild with your buying, it can have disastrous effects. Too much of a … Read more

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