Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Can You Spare 5 Minutes to Make Thousands in Your Store?

Grab a cup of coffee and give me a call. I’ll ask you a couple of questions – your annual sales and your current inventory level – and we’ll talk about improving your turnover, cutting your invoices, reducing markdowns and increasing your cash flow. All that in just 5 minutes. I’ve been helping retailers better … Read more

Open To Buy will help you be ready to start June!

Are you online? Pick up service? Doors open? No matter how you are starting June, you need to start on the right foot. Of course you want to let your customers know you are ready to serve them. You want your message loud and clear. Your windows and displays should tell your merchandise story and … Read more

Use all the “S” words to move your Store ahead!

I guess the graphic was a little SILLY, but the truth is that all of these “S” words – and more – will work in your favor. Of course, in these troubled times, you want your store, your staff, and your customers to be SAFE. The Covid problems are not yet behind us and everyone’s … Read more


My current goal in life is to help retailers succeed. Not all of them are vocal in terms of feedback, but when they are, it makes the sun come out and the birds sing. The truth is that every retailer needs open to buy, whether it’s my system or some other. Too many retailers think … Read more

Setting Your Opening or Ending Inventory.

For the last 35 years I have been discussing open to buy planning with many “experts” and most suggest that the retailer determine how much inventory they want to end or begin each month with and then take away sales to come up with a buying plan. That’s just WRONG!!!!! Retailers need to project their … Read more

Love Your Computer with the easiest Open To Buy Plan!

Computers are not the problem, the programs are. Few programs seem to be written for “non-computer” people and consequently are far from “user friendly”. Add to that the fact that retailers generally don’t like numbers and you wind up with merchandising based on guessing. And guessing is a sure ticket to financial disaster. THE OTB … Read more

Opening to Sell requires Open to Buy!

As more states move to open their economy many businesses are getting back to business. When it’s time for you to reopen your store, be sure you already have an open to buy plan in place. As bad as this pandemic has been for businesses, many retailers have suffered and closed before we ever hear … Read more

Not even Open To Buy has ALL the Answers!

Things are so unsettled it does seem we are entering the Twilight Zone. There are so many questions and not enough answers. When can you reopen? What will be the conditions you must observe? Will your customers return? Will your staff still be available? Will the government loan be funded? Are your vendors operating? What … Read more

Being Prepared Means Many Different Things!

Masks and Social Distancing have kept most of us safe and many of us alive. This will continue to be the case for a while. Hopefully, as the curve flattens and starts to head down to where the new normal will be, you will be able to open your store and get back to life … Read more

How are Social Distancing and OTB Alike?

Social distancing is saving lives! As we stay at home and keep our distance we are “flattening the curve” so our world can get back to normal. OTB has been saving retailers’ lives for a very long time. Retail failures in the past have been in great part due to overbuying. When retailers have more … Read more

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