Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Still Waiting for Retail Riches?

Retailers get so busy doing all of the things they do, that they don’t understand why it’s not paying off. And it never will until they get the help they need to actually make money. Retail is fun and involving and more work than anyone realizes. But it can be controlled and set up to … Read more

You Can’t Make Money with Markdowns!

Markdowns are a way of life to most retailers. Buy too much, sell some, mark down the rest to make room and raise cash. And on it goes. Here’s the problem – when you sell an item at full price, you cover the cost of the item, and make a contribution to overhead and profits. … Read more

Your Merchandise is only a Means to Make Money!

Many retailers fill their store with wonderful merchandise and the more, the merrier. Because they love it and they know their staff and their customers will also. But look again and you’ll see that all that great merchandise is actually YOUR MONEY! You have to pay for it. You have to pay to house it. … Read more

Subscribe to and you’ll hear many Thank You’s!

Obviously, if you make the right decision and subscribe to, I’ll be thanking you. But that’s just the beginning. As soon as you get the system set up, you’ll be thanking ME! Because you’ll suddenly be in total control of your store. You’ll know where your current inventory and your future orders are out … Read more

With or Without Covid, Retail Always Changes!

Of course, Covid-19 is raising havoc with everything in retail. Will you be open or closed. Will you be adding online selling or going online exclusively and for how long. Will you be offering pick-up service or selling from Instagram and shipping. At least you have options. During all of this uncertainty, you want to … Read more

Plan For The Future – Without A Crystal Ball!

Crystal balls are for carnivals. No one can really see the future. But you can (and should) still plan for what’s coming. If your planning is on target – great! If not, be sure that your means of planning is reactive to change as you move forward. We are in strange times and things keep … Read more

In case you missed it, read this today!

Grab a cup of coffee and give me a call. I’ll ask you a couple of questions – your annual sales and your current inventory level – and we’ll talk about improving your turnover, cutting your invoices, reducing markdowns and increasing your cash flow. All that in just 5 minutes. I’ve been helping retailers better … Read more

The Cure All is Open To Buy!

Retail pain is caused by swollen inventories and choked off cash flow. These disorders appear as retailers continue to buy more and more merchandise without proper planning. Bloated inventories bring excess invoices and devour potential profits as it depreciates on the shelf. Insufficient inventory results in missed sales. The panacea is open to buy planning! … Read more

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