Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Your Open To Buy Plan – Don’t leave town without it!

You are about to be tempted, romanced, encouraged, brow-beaten, threatened and sold (not necessarily in that order).  Anything you imagined will be at the show and it will be hard to pass up any of it – but you must if you want to survive.  You must have a plan to guide you through the … Read more

Saddle up for profits in 2019!

Well, pardners, the new year is off and running and you need to be on your horse trying to reign in all the profits possible. Sitting around the barn is not an option. You need to be out riding down every chance to raise your profits. Before you jump on that horse, you need a … Read more

Let OTB be your Key to Success in 2019!

The key to retail success is Turnover. The only way to control your turnover is with Open To Buy Planning. Without it, you’re just guessing about HOW MUCH to buy. Guessing never works, so if you want to stop taking endless markdowns and being buried in excess invoices, now is the time to get on … Read more

Don’t Read This! Get back on the sales floor.

Right now is your prime time. I know that – you know that! Of course I want you to read what I write AND respond, but now you need to be on the floor showing your staff how it’s done. No one know better how to woo a customer than you. No one knows better … Read more

Knowing How Much to Buy is the best gift of all!

Retailing can be a dream come true or a nightmare. For most retailers, it’s a nightmare because they spend most of their time correcting buying mistakes. Buying mistakes lead to unsold merchandise and markdowns. To move this merchandise, customers are encouraged to buy at reduced prices. Reduced prices offer no contribution to overhead and eliminate … Read more

Right now, all retailers can think about is selling!

But your crazy, busy season will be ending all too soon and it will be time to – once again – think ahead to the coming seasons to be sure your incoming merchandise will be right to support your expected sales and give you the turnover that will enable you to keep your markdowns to … Read more

Avoid the “Oops!” with Open To Buy.

We all love to buy! It’s easy and all the reps are so encouraging. They want us to never miss a sale so they suggest we buy MORE. If everything in life could be this simple. Finding great items for our store and ordering it from our good friends. When the merchandise comes is, we’re … Read more

Don’t Give Away Your Profits!

With all the discount madness going on to drive customers to your store or your site, you want to make sure that at the end of the season you wind up with a profit – and a large one at that. It’s not going to happen if you are marking down regular priced merchandise to … Read more

Don’t let Black Friday leave you in the Red!

As soon as the turkey leg is picked clean and the pumpkin pie has been devoured, America will head to the car or the keyboard for Black Friday bargains. I’m sure you’re already prepared with your “deals”, but I hope they’re not markdowns from regular prices because that leaves you with no money for overhead … Read more

An Open To Buy Primer.

What is Open To Buy? Open to buy is a mathematical process that will enable a retailer to know how much to buy. What drives an Open To Buy? Just like every retail store, open to buy is driven by anticipated sales and desired turnover. Why is Turnover important? The advantage in retail over other … Read more

You can teach old dogs new tricks – if they’re open to it.

Now I certainly don’t think retailers are dogs, but they do get set in their ways. More than not, they have established their own method of buying because of supplier pressure, old habits or just lack of knowledge about their needs. And while change isn’t easy (new mindset required), it will make the difference between … Read more

“Witch” way is Your Store Headed?

Hey, it’s Halloween and I couldn’t resist, but still, it’s a valid question. You’re either moving ahead or falling behind. Sadly, most retailers only look at sales to gauge their progress, but you need to look beyond sales to your bottom line. Sure, if sales are rising you’re doing something right. You’re buying the right … Read more

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