Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Summer Shows are Hot! Keep Your Cool with Open To Buy.

You’re there, you’re back, or you’re heading out. Every retailer has to get to the summer shows to see what’s coming for Fall, Winter and Spring. You don’t want to miss out! Every line will be displayed to the hilt and the reps will be looking to sit you down, dazzle you, and take your … Read more

Retail Success Requires Both Sides of Your Brain!

You got into retailing because of your creativity. That makes you “right brained”. Certainly you’re in the right profession to use your talents in terms of establishing an attractive environment in your store, choosing great items to fill it, doing enticing displays and, of course, making your customers want to come back often. Wouldn’t it … Read more

Open To Buy is simply DIVINE!

Guessing as a retailer is a mortal sin – to your bottom line. There is only one path to absolution – open to buy planning. Waiting only compounds your problems and the cure is easier than you thought. While it’s always tempting to believe in our natural gifts, buying for a retail store is more … Read more

Raise your hand if you love to buy!

OK, you can put your hand down now. It’s easier to read this information without holding your hand up. So, yes, we all love to buy. When I had my first store, I could hardly wait for the next trade show. All the manufacturers would be showing their new products and the creativity was amazing. … Read more

When is the best time to begin your Open To Buy Program?

There’s a very straight forward answer to that question, but first here’s a paradox for you – open to buy is the most important management tool for any retailer and is without doubt, the least used. How can that be? Well, retailers tend not to want to deal with numbers or computers, which they hate, … Read more

Will More Inventory Mean Greater Sales?

Wouldn’t that be great if it were actually true? Sales a little slow? Go buy some more merchandise. Want to double your sales? Just double your inventory. This is probably every retailers’ favorite dream, but it’s just fantasy! When you first opened your store, sales grew pretty fast. That’s the newness/curiosity factor. You were starting … Read more

Open To Buy Will Bring Fireworks To Your Bottom Line!

With the 4th of July upon us, we’re all looking skyward for some spectacular fireworks. But the place all retailers want to see things shooting up is on their bottom line. There’s a sure fire way to do that and it’s hard to believe there are still retailers that are unwilling to light the match … Read more

See Everything Before You Buy Anything!

It’s showtime!  Time to go to the trade shows to see all the great new merchandise.  But can you control your urge to buy everything in sight? You are about to be tempted, romanced, encouraged, brow-beaten, threatened and sold (not necessarily in that order).  Anything you imagined will be at the show and it will … Read more

The Joys of Markdowns!

Retailers love markdowns. Or it would appear to be so since they are always offering so many. Markdowns have become a way of life for most retailers and are accepted as part of the “game”. But should this be the case or is it the lazy way to solve the problem of overbuying even though … Read more

I Could Sure Use Your Input!

For a while now, you’ve been receiving my posts about how open to buy will improve every aspect of your business and consequently your life. I realize how busy you are and know that asking for your help is a little presumptuous, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Here’s what I’d like to … Read more

Open To Buy Will Help You Sleep Tonight!

As a retailer, you realize that no matter how many hours you put into your store each day, when it’s time to go to bed, there are too many issues competing for your attention to allow you to sleep. You have issues with your staff, with the city, with your advertising, with your displays, with … Read more

Retail By (Buy) The Numbers!

Number are NOT retailers’ favorite things. We all love product, displays, customers, advertising, store decor and so many other things that have nothing to do with numbers (except perhaps big markup numbers). But numbers run the world and that includes the world inside your store. Everything is based on numbers and so you must try … Read more

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