Tips and Insight on becoming a profitable retail store

Who’s Steering Your Store?

Does that seem like a strange question? Obviously, you are steering your store by planning the displays, doing the promotion, training the sales personnel, buying the merchandise and doing way too many things to list. But does all of that keep you on course to arrive at your desired destination? And what is that destination … Read more

Autonomus Buying?

We’re working on autonomus cars, so what’s next? Many retailers are already there mentally. They go to a show and cruise around buying everything they like. No need to figure anything out, fill up with gas or plug into an outlet, they just cruise. It really is fun. They are treated with kid gloves by … Read more

What’s your No. 1 Goal for 2018?

Well, there are a ton of worthy goals for you to pursue in your store, but only one is number one. Any ideas? Of course you want to increase sales, hire better personnel, train them better, improve your displays, redo your store layout, motivate your people, develop a better marketing strategy, but number one always … Read more

Make 2018 The End of Guessing!

For retailers (yes, you), the most fun way to buy is to just buy… and then buy some more. You know your customers and what they like. You know your area and what you need. So, go ahead and buy. You’re going to pick the best available merchandise, so just buy. Man that sounds like … Read more

Open to Buy should be your top New Years Resolution!

This time of year the only thing you’re thinking about is sales. Sell like crazy, but don’t forget that the early trade shows are just around the corner. As a retailer, your most important resolution should be to get a productive open to buy system working for you before you head out to the shows. … Read more

Silent night, actually silent month!

Every year I wonder why the interest in open to buy dries up in December. Of course, it’s because retailers are only interested in SELLING and have no interest in buying. Fortunately, interest once again awakens as Christmas selling winds down and thoughts of Spring and Summer merchandise commitments at the January and February shows … Read more

Ever wonder why you’re in retail?

There’s a very simple answer to this very complex question. And here it is: T O   M A K E   M O N E Y ! Retailers have so many reasons for doing what they do and most of them sound good, but don’t really matter in the scheme of things. Of course you love … Read more

Now is the best time to set up your Open To Buy Plan!

Actually, anytime is a good time to set up an open to buy plan, but right now is especially good. Right now you are headed into your strongest selling season and wouldn’t you be way ahead of the game if you knew right where your inventory should be on January 1st? Wouldn’t you be in … Read more

Here we go again!

Black Friday is the ultimate example of how retailers have ruined their businesses. Making everything about price destroys what you have worked so hard to build. No longer is your customer concerned about service or atmosphere or selection. They have been trained to only consider the cheapest price. We can blame it on the internet, … Read more

OTB Police! We need them more than you think!

On many occasions, I’ve said to my customers and those attending my seminars that there are no OTB Police. But there should be. Once you set up an open to buy plan (and every retailer should), you need to follow it. The temptations in the marketplace are too great if you don’t stick with your … Read more

Employees! Do you have enough?

I can’t even begin to remember all of the times retailers have told me that they didn’t have time. Time to consider something that will help them and save them time and money. They need to be on the floor selling. No one sells better than they do. Retailers generally feel that they can keep … Read more

It’s time for Retail on Steroids!

Are you pumped? Are you ready? Are you ready to go toe to toe with the big boys? Is your staff pumped? Is your inventory overflowing? Have you started slashing prices? Yes, folks, now is the time to throw away all of your profits. Retailers decided long ago to compete on PRICE rather than service … Read more

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