Performance Guaranteed

"Use for at least four months following all the procedures. If you don't find your inventory leaner, better balanced and turning faster with your buying more on target, your markdowns reduced and your cashflow improved and OTB Retail Systems cannot correct that situation, we will remove your data and refund your payments."

We've had the same guarantee since 1985.

What Open-to-Buy is, how it works, and why it will improve buying for your store.

Open-to-buy is a mathematical process that enables retailers to forecast their buying needs into the future based on anticipated sales and desired turn rates.  Without open-to-buy planning, retailers are just guessing about their needs and that causes over buying, excess invoices, markdowns and cash flow problems.  Suppliers push retailers to order far ahead and encourage them to buy more.  Without open-to-buy controls, retailers are at the mercy of vendors because they fear missing sales of products they think they must have.  All these fears can be laid to rest with open-to-buy planning.  Retailers will know exactly how much to order in each merchandise category, each month for the next 12 months.  When open-to-buy is used to plan and control buying, retailers find their inventory leaner, better balanced, turning faster with their markdowns reduced and their cash flow improved.  While there are many open-to-buy products and services available, is the most accurate because of extra adjustments taken to insure retailers are prepared for their strong selling month, but also that they go into their weak selling months with the correct amount of inventory. is easy to use, has explanations for each screen, is accessible from any device, and is supported 10/7 by the developer. is also guaranteed to improve any retailer’s bottom line if they use the system as directed and take advantage of our support.  No other open-to-buy system or software stands behind their product like