Improve your buying.
Control your inventory.
Raise your profits.

Our open to buy plans have been helping retailers
achieve these results since 1985.

Every retailer needs open to buy planning…

Planning a
New Store?

The optimum time to have an open to buy plan in place is before you even sign your lease. Open to buy will not only help you determine your buying for your ideal opening inventory, but it will also help you with your store layout.


There's a huge tendency to overbuy for a new store and the markdowns that follow can be disastrous. Before things spiral out of control, instituting our open to buy plan will enable you to stop problems and get things back on track.


If you're tired of working for your suppliers, our open to buy will put control back into your hands. You'll know exactly how much to buy in each department for each of the next 12 months and turn your store into a money machine.

…anything else is just guessing.

Retail changes constantly.

Stay on target with our open to buy.

Our program clearly shows your trends up and down in each department and allows you to make revisions to keep your buying plans accurate.

Continuing to maximize turnover whether sales are up or down will reduce your markdowns and grow your profits.
is your best option.

  • Easy to use.

    We guide you sequentially through the entire setup with Help for every screen. Monthly upkeep takes very little time.

  • More accurate.

    We take unique steps to insure a buying plan accurate for your strong selling months as well as your slower months.

  • Affordable.

    Our program is an exceptional value compared to other systems or services. If you follow the plan, you'll consider the cost a drop in the bucket.

  • More accessible.

    Being online, you are able to access and update your data at anytime from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Support when you need it!

We're with you every step of the way. We offer free phone support 10 hours every day of the year. We check our email every 10 minutes. Additionally, the program has help information explaining each step for every screen.

Performance Guaranteed

  • More Targeted Buying
  • Faster Turnover
  • Leaner, Better Balanced Inventory
  • Reduced Markdowns
  • Improved Cashflow

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